Carpet Care Guide

Vacuum often and thoroughly -- at least once a week. For wool carpets wtih a cut pile, choose upright or canister vacuum cleaners with a rotating beater bar/brush. For loop-pile, use a suction-only style to protect the fibres. Silk carpets can be vacuumed gently but avoid machines with beater bars or rotation brushes. Empty the vacuum's dust bag once it is half full to ensure proper suction. 

Tend to spills immediately -- For best results on wool, remove any solid matter by gently scooping with a rounded spoon. Absorb as much of the stain as possible wit ha clean dry, white towel or cloth. Gently press - don't rub - working from outside in to avoid spreading. ONce the area is completely dry, vacuum.

For deeper cleaning -- choose CRI- approved cleaner or mix one teaspoon of clear dishwashing detergeant (no bleach) with one cup of lukewarm water. Apply the same method as above; rinse well with clear water. Additional information on spot treatment can be found on the Carpets and Rug Institute website at

Silk fibres can be damaged by water-based cleaners so instead, blot with a clean towel until stain transfer is complete. Solid substances should be removed using a flad blade or spatula. Afterward, consult a professional.

Preventative maintenance includes using entrance mats to avoid excessive dirt, placing furniture coasters to avoid carpet compressions, or occasionally rearranging heavy pieces to reduce pressure. Protect colour from fading by closing shades. Regularly trim any snagged ends. Have carpets professionally cleaned with a restorative method, once a year. It is recommended that silk be dry cleaned. 

Tai Ping Cleaning Kit

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