Luxury on the open sea

With a deep history rooted in Hong Kong, Tai Ping was built on a promise to preserve the artistry of hand-made carpets and ensure the integrity of our quality and "concierge" service. Tai Ping carpets, sophisticated, refined, and always custom made, have long graced the floors of exclusive houses and residences. In 2002, we started our Yacht Division with a dedicated team of "Ambassadors" all over the World. Since then our bespoke products have been installed on more than 400 yachts including 40% of the top 200.

On a bespoke yacht, every design detail must be carefully considered. That's why the world's leading designers turn to Tai Ping for luxurious flooring for their yacht projects. All carpets are designed specifically for each boat, and rendered in the finest New Zealand wool and silks. Taking the concept of customisation to a new level, Tai Ping often hand-sculpts its carpets, giving them a texture and topography that make them truly one of a kind. Eminently stylish with a proven track record for seaworthiness, our hand-made carpets are without equal.

Our Design

With endless variations in pattern, colour, texture and shape, Tai Ping uses only the best materials and has become known around the world for exquisite design and innovation. Handmade by highly skilled artisans, Tai Ping carpets are always luxurious. Our proprietary factory allows us to control colour and quality to exact specification.  

Our Collections

Unique, inspired and emblematic of the Tai Ping style, the designs for our yacht division offer a modern interpretation of our classics while introducing new combinations of techniques and materials. We have developed collections envisioned specifically for yachts. However, all of Tai Ping's designs can be customized for your personal projects. Explore the Tai Ping website to view the latest collections and get inspired.

Our Projects

The brilliant handiwork of our skilled designers and artisans proudly graces the floor of many of the world’s most prestigious spaces, including palaces, embassies, historical monuments, exceptional residences, luxury shops, private jets and yachts. Tai Ping carpets have been specified on some of the most elegant and breathtaking yachts worldwide. 

Our Service

Renowned for impeccable and unparalleled service from installation to maintenance, Tai Ping has dedicated teams all over the world, resulting in superb customer service no matter where our clients are based. 

Our Sustainability

Tai Ping prides itself on conscientious business practices and a commitment to the environment and our employees. We operate our facilities in a manner that exceeds regulatory guidelines and promotes environmental, social, and economic sustainability.